New ABG web page and new Bio Garantie logo

Proudly we would like to inform you that our new structured and redesigned web page went alive today – we are reachable from now on under The web address and our email address is still valid and you can reach us over there as well!

As we already informed you in the spring newsletter about several ongoing new projects which we have, the web page is one of them together with the new logo strategy of Bio Garantie group which you will find here (link) including all relevant information (design manual).

Important information:

Based on the change of our web page and the logos – our company name, address, telephone number, account number and tax number remain unchanged, therefore our existing inspection contract is still valid.

We would like to point out that the old logo you have printed on the labels on stock you can use.

We please you to replace the old Austria Bio Garantie logo with the new Bio Garantie logo before you print new labels the next time (see website).

In 2019 Austria Bio Garantie and bio.inspecta AG co-founded EASY-CERT AG, to which our company also joined, together with several inspection and certification organizations. In addition to taking advantage of synergies and providing a more efficient, higher quality service and to harmonize the processes - the group has decided to ensure unified corporate identity.

We assure you that we will continue to have the greatest expertise and a customer-friendly attitude and will continue to work together.

Have a nice summer time, a fruitful harvest period and a lot of success in your organic business. New and further projects are planned and we are looking forward to provide you with information and news in autumn and winter time.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation!

Your team of Austria Bio Garantie d.o.o.