Croatian inputs list for organic agriculture

The Croatian inputs list is a public register of commercial products (fertilizers, soil conditioners, substrates and plant protection products) which may be used in organic agriculture.

How to submit products

Fertilizers products

Fertilizers, soil conditioners, plant / soil additives and substrates can be submitted to Bio Garantie d.o.o. (BG Croatia) using a fertilizers data sheet. Further relevant documents will be requested during the evaluation process.

Registration form of fertilizers and plant enhancing conditioners

Plant protection products

Plant protection products and related products can be submitted to BG Croatia using the appropriate data sheet.

Submission of plant protection products, beneficials and related products

The submitting business is obligated to carry out the legal steps for any official registration if required.

New businesses

Businesses who are listing a product with BG Croatia d.o.o for the first time are requested to complete and sign the Agreement and Order for the Evaluation and Publication of Inputs and to return it to BG Croatia d.o.o. 

All services and activities are subject to the General terms and conditions

The current prices apply and can be found in table 3 of the price list: Tariffs

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